Anaplan Connect API

Anaplan Connect enables a user with Administrator credentials to automate the running of Anaplan actions, avoiding the need for Anaplan GUI’s

What is Anaplan Connect?

Anaplan Connect is an API Client with a command-line interface that supports the following types of Anaplan actions:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Delete – eg. Delete from List using Selection to remove specific items from a list.
  • Process – a combination import/export actions

Why use Anaplan Connect?

  • Anaplan actions can be run outside the normal Anaplan GUI. Actions can be scheduled to run automatically at a defined interval.
  • Limiting the need for user import Dashboards and having a more direct feed to lists and module input values
  • Quicker and cheaper to set up than other integration tools

How to use Anaplan Connect

  1. The Anaplan Connect API can be downloaded from Anapedia.
  2. Create the required actions in your model.
  3. Create your batch (.bat) files to call your commands. Each batch file needs to contain:
    1. Workspace ID. This is unique and will not change.
    2. Model ID. This is unique to each model and will not change.
    3. Set the Operation Type, which includes:
      1. Anaplan Action. A specific Import or Export
      2. Credentials: The User Name and Password, unless you are using Certificate-based Authentication

When writing your Batch file there are good example files included within the Anaplan Connect Client install and the support pdf on Anapedia to assist you.

What can Anaplan Connect do?

  • Run an Import Action to import data direct to your Model from databases such as Sequel and Oracle or from simple text .txt or .csv files.
  • Delete data, List items using Selection.
  • Export module or List content to Excel workbooks, txt or csv files

Alternatives to Anaplan Connect

In addition to Anaplan Connect, there are several data integration connectors to support integration between Anaplan and third-party applications, including:

  • Dell Boomi
  • Informatica
  • MuleSoft
  • SnapLogic
  • Tableau

Anaplan also provides integration support with, allowing any user access to Anaplan from within

If you’re looking for more information regarding Anaplan integration approaches, please get in touch with us.